Evolving the Rocket City's Digital Presence

Client: City of Huntsville, Alabama

About This Project

The City of Huntsville stands in stark contrast with the rest of the state that surrounds it. While most of Alabama relies on agriculture and manufacturing, Huntsville has become one of the leading tech beds in the United States. In 2016, the city began to revamp their digital presence. Working with Fave Creative to implement the site’s initial design, PixelWatt built a highly-customized, enterprise-grade WordPress solution to specifically fit the city’s extensive needs. Since initial launch, PixelWatt has taken over ongoing design and development for both the primary website and expanding umbrella of subsites, include the city’s blog and police recruitment website.


Website Design

Wordpress Development

Security & Maintenance

City Blog Concept Artwork

Ongoing Expansion

PixelWatt continues to evolve the City of Huntsville's digital presence, which has grown to include multiple Wordpress sites over the last few years.

City Blog Author Modal

PixelWatt helps Huntsville continue to evolve it's digital presence. Let’s talk about what we could do for your business.